Рубрика: Անգլերեն

About this year

Hi, my name is Mary, and now I study everything online, this is not very familiar, but it is necessary. Of course, I would like everything to be the way it was then, but we cannot change everything, so do not waste time, I think that online training is one of the most important solutions, because all this can go on for a very long time .

When we were at school, in the classroom, we watched films, cartoons, spoke on different topics, and, thanks to this, we learned a lot of words and learned to express our opinion in English. During this year, we completed many grammar assignments, many projects, wrote many essays, and sometimes videos, and so on, thanks to which we began to understand and speak good English. This year was quite interesting and good for me, I think I learned a lot about English.

I look forward to going to school again, I think after this long break, I will go to school even more with pleasure, I want to travel a lot and so on, I really miss all of these.

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